Can science prove God?

In December a thought-provoking event took place at NatLab in Eindhoven. Mike Houts, nuclear research manager at NASA, gave two lectures about whether science proves the existence of God, or not.

Topics discussed:

Session 1

Can people make choices?

If God made the universe, who made God?

Where does life come from?

Can mutations and natural selection add genetic information, and eventually turn a bacteria into a human?

What became of the ideas of “Vestigial Organs” and “Junk DNA”?

Session 2

Are homologous / analogous structures evidence for evolution?

Fossil records

How old is the earth?

Carbon dating and radiometric dating

Does any of this matter anyway?

A website has been designed about the topic

More information about the speaker:

Mike Houts

For a recording of the event go to:

session 1

session 2