This is the message of the Book of Revelation

A missionary, while he was living in the south of France, wrote a wonderful commentary on the Book of Revelation. It has recently been translated into Dutch. Its message is perhaps not what you thought would be.

As many people believe the book of Revelation is a very complicated part of Scripture, its message, according to Max Dauner, is actually quite clear.

The time and the people for which the message is meant as well.

What is the book of Revelation about?

Revelation (written in the 1st century), is essentially about the struggle that will be fought at the end of the 1st century, between the church of Jesus Christ and the Roman Empire. It announces to the believers of that time the upcoming horrible persecutions that would come upon them in waves, but at the same time assures them of their ultimate victory over the persecutor.

The Roman Empire would succeed for a while in suppressing the saints and even putting them to death. God would then sovereignly intervene in history to destroy the oppressor and thus give victory to His church. The prophecies announced in Revelation are therefore already fulfilled.

This position differs radically from two other main methods of interpretation.

What is the message of the book of Revelation?

Revelation is therefore a writing about circumstances meant for the believers of a certain time. This does not mean that it has become a museum object that is without value for future generations.

The message of this book for us today is that Jesus Christ is the Master of history, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the true Ruler of the peoples of the earth. He leads today as yesterday the unfolding of human history to fulfill His plans.

That is why the divine truth - hated and persecuted in the world - will prevail over all lies and attacks of Satan. That is why, although the forces of evil constantly fight against it, the church will prevail. Her magnificent victory over Rome bears witness forever to her invincibility, to the supremacy of her Lord, to the truth of His doctrines, to the power of His hope, to the reality of His joy.

(text from These are the ones following the Lamb, by Max Dauner. Original title: 'Commentaire sur l’Apocalypse de Jean Max Dauner', Éditions Horizons Chrétiens 1988)

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