Something remarkable happened to these men on Friday

"FAITH is the art of falling in love with the ONE".

Two grown men, in the year 2020, a futuristic looking year, decided to give their lives to God.

They were baptized.

They committed to a new life, spiritually and practically.

While the world asks them ‘why believe?’; while hundreds flock to a mosque next to our church building; these two men focussed differently.

Each had a different path to come to the decision, but they both had the same reason for being immersed into the living Christ. They believe that Jesus is the one sent from God to save humanity. To save them.

From what?

From a life without a meaning or purpose, from a struggle with evil and sin, from a hopeless fear of death.

No, baptism is not a magic trick. It is not just a human commitment. It is something much more: an activity of God’s Spirit, joining your life with Him.

It means that Jeroen and Winston are added to God’s church, the ‘body’ of Christ. They joined a local group of believers to learn to accept one another, with the love of Christ as their example. There, they expose themselves to being encouraged and admonished.

“I expect nothing less”, one of them said about that last part.

May they be blessed!

May we also be blessed by these two men trying to be loving, faithful and strong human beings.


But after baptism, can you be weak and still be saved? - someone asked during Bible class.

Yes, but God will continue to call you. Go to Him in prayer, confess and keep changing your ways for the better.

Because His grace is always and ever present.

"But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength." (2 Timothy 4:17)